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What the WordPress plugin does:

The plugin taps into the 1 billion daily page views of Google Images. It creates text-based images, adds them to your content and optimizes them for the search engines. This is the ONLY plugin of its kind.

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Well-known marketers who have promoted and made money with recent offers of mine:

Mike Lantz Derek Pierce Colleen Slater
Mike McKay Edwin Boiten Coolice
Dave Guindon Ian del Carmen Ken Reno
Ray Lane Cliff Carrigan John Delavera
Barbara Ling Matt Garrett Reed Floren
Ryan Stevenson Sam England Richard Wing
Eric Nelson Ankur Shukla IM Wealth Builders

6 great reasons you will make money when you promote 1-Click Image Ranker:

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1) High-quality product:

This is a WordPress plugin that people actually want. People love buying SEO plugins that help their sites get more traffic, and 1-Click Image Ranker will help them do just that.

2) Sales funnel with high commissions:

Option: Price: Commissions:
Single-site license: $9 100%
Unlimited-site license: $17 75%
Developer's license (100 client sites): $37 75%

3) High-converting offer:

Here are the reasons this offer sells so well:

a) People already want it: The plugin is something people already want. Everyone wants more traffic to their websites.

b) Right price: The plugin has been priced to sell (starts at $9 for the single-site license).

c) Compelling ad copy: Full of benefits, but without hype or hard-selling.

d) Professional design: Clean, usable, trustworthy.

Here's how older products of mine have done:

4) Low refund rates:

Many products in the "internet marketing" niche have a refund rate of up to 10%. My products only have a 2% refund rate maximum.

5) Ready-made promotional tools:

I have already created an email swipe file. This isn't the usual "hard-sell" approach you see all over the internet. The email uses a soft-sell approach that clearly explains the benefits.

6) I will reciprocate:

If you have an offer that fits my growing list of subscribers and customers, I'll be glad to mail out for you. Here are a few quick examples of past offers I have promoted:



I'm a Premium JV Zoo affiliate. This means that I get approved automatically to promote any offer I want. This is so becuase I generate many sales with almost zero refunds.

Get your JV affiliate link:

JV Contest:

Note: The contest ended on October 25th. Here are the results:

$1,000+ are up for grabs!

1st place: Colleen Slater ($300)
2nd place: Edwin Boiten and Mike McKay ($250)
3rd place: Ankur Shukla and Eric Nelson ($200)
4th place: IM Wealth Builders ($150)
5th place: Ryan Stevenson ($100)
6th place: Igor Burban ($75)
7th place: Leo Lover ($50)

The rankings will be based on who has earned the MOST COMMISSIONS - not just number of total sales, as selling a $9 single-site license is different from selling a $37 developer's license.

Email Swipe Files:

Send this on launch day, Wednesday, October 15th:

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Email Body:

Who am I?

My name is George Katsoudas. I've been marketing online for 10 years. My focus is on creating high-quality WordPress plugins that create happy customers and happy joint venture partners. Oh, I also enjoy playing tennis when time permits! :-).

I hope we can become "business friends" and help each other grow our online businesses.

If you want to get in touch, just email me at
george.katsoudas.jv [at]

I'll be happy to help you with your promotion, in any way you need.


George "The Greek" Katsoudas
Online affiliate marketer and product developer